6 Fundamentals Of Effective Email Marketing

1. Make a Unique Offer

If your email is generic, chances are people would simply ignore it. On the other hand, making a unique offer will engage your email readers.

Your email’s subject line should be short and specific. It should outline the content that is mentioned inside the email.

The main aim of your email is not selling a product or service. Your website handles that department. The actual objective is to motivate an individual to visit your website.

2. Make a Specific Offer to your Target Audience

Being clear and specific with your offer is not enough. What matters is to reach the right audience.

Make use of an email campaign to contact your target audience. An email campaign allows you to characterize your audience and set a specific approach that will motivate an individual to visit your website.

For example – If you run an e-commerce website, you need to create a large number of emails describing the best deals and discount offers. This way, people would not just make an effort to read your email but will also end up visiting your website.

3. Interact As You Would On Social Media

Instead of considering emails like marketing pamphlets or newspaper ads, think of them as a part of social media.

So, you should work towards creating engaging content for an email exactly how you would for a social media post.

Making your emails interactive will give your potential customer a chance to respond or communicate with you.

4. Try not to Expect to Always Get It Right the First Time

Try not to anticipate that your email will be perfect in the very first attempt itself. There is always a scope for improvement; even in an email.   

Email marketing is exactly like the other components of online marketing. This means you have to depend on analytics to achieve better results.  You might be astonished by what the numbers show you.

For instance, you may read reports that describe “the best time to send emails” or the “greatest days of the week to send emails” or “how frequently a month you should send emails.” These researchers would only give you an idea about what works and what doesn’t.

Your aim should be to understand your own target audience, your business goals and then creating an email by using the successful tactics mentioned in the research. It all depends on how you combine your goals with successful strategies.

Always focus on specifics and not generalities. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to engage everyone with your first email. The trick is to constantly observe, record and reliably build up a campaign that brings positive results.  

5. Make the Value Crystal Clear

Associate your email’s subject line, content, and pictures with the value you offer to the email reader.

With an email, you need to make your offer clear in a rapid manner. Draft it in a way that it catches the reader’s attention immediately.

If the value of opening the email is crystal clear, you’ll have a greatly improved shot of changing over a potential reader to a genuine client.

6. Be Clear What You’re Asking For

An email with an invitation that says “buy now for $5 every month” isn’t probably going to get an effective response.

The objective shouldn’t be to sell anything; it should be to engage your audience.

If you attempt to be tricky about the deal, the email reader will quickly understand it.

Thus, your email should be appropriate and clear with what you’re trying to say.

Use Emails to Build Relationships

When you construct a viable email campaign, you can, basically, motivate your potential clients to look into your website. They may not react immediately, yet your website might leave an impact on their minds. Creating that impact is the very first stage of building relationships through an email.


If you utilize the above principles in the right manner, email marketing could help you achieve great results.

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