5 Major Ways Infographics and Digital Marketing Work Together

All of this technology and the overabundance of data have more or less played a large role in decreasing the attention span of the average internet user. What we need in such a situation is to create content that catches the eye of the consumer and holds their attention long enough to get the message across. One effective way to grab your readers’ attention is Infographics.

They intend to convey the message while making it stand out from the rest of the plain stuff so that they attract the viewer. A well-made infographic will not only get the message across more effectively but also provide a much-needed push to your digital marketing efforts.

Why are Infographics so Important?

Here are some reasons why Info-graphics have become an essential component of search engine optimization services and digital marketing campaigns: –

Rising Interest in Visual Content

This component of content creation is steadily gaining more interest, which is witnessed by the rising number of searches on the internet with the word ‘Infographics’. This makes it quite evident that people; in fact, realize that this is very effective as a marketing technique.

Also, it is a natural tendency among human beings to be more attracted towards images, videos and other visual content than text or writing-based content. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so why not use it to your advantage and reach targeted audiences with it?

People can Retain More Information Visually

It is a fact that people can remember something better if they visualize, and this stands true in the case of infographics as well. Images/graphs and text might not work so well on their own but when a person looks at an infographic, they first notice the images, then read the text and try to process the connection between the two.

The use of bar graphs or pie charts and other various visual elements along with the text reinforce the idea or message that you want to send to the reader. Of course, it has to be relevant and make sense to do that, otherwise, you risk losing the interest of your reader.

Your Brand Gets a Great Boost in Awareness

Written content alone is not supposed to work everywhere. Your writing may be very enlightening but without illustrations and visual appeal, it will probably fail to grab the amount of attention that you expect it to. If you put some effort into ‘showing’ your target audience instead of just ‘telling’ what you mean, you will definitely see a change in the response – a positive one.

That is where infographics can really help you communicate clearly with your audience, thereby increasing brand awareness significantly. Using infographics as a tool for brand recognition usually includes your company’s logo, your email or website details, and contact information and the logo is a great way for your audience to remember your brand. This is what every major logo design company does these days, they create logos that leave a mark.

Infographics can Popularize Your Content

Although the term ‘viral’ is often associated with videos, it is what your content can be if you use the infographics right. If your blog or other content has certain visual components in it, then you can expect it to be at least nine times more popular than it would have been otherwise. This trick works for other elements of your campaign as well, such as a press release or a web page article.

Add to that an infographic and the views increase even further, provided it is meaningful and appealing enough to attract the audiences and compel them to share it with others.

Raise Your Credibility as an Expert with Infographics

When you use more infographics in your content, it shows how well you can explain and help your readers understand the message. Graphs, charts, images and the like can depict the information and give readers the impression that you have put in the effort by searching and compiling all of this data to form an infographic. You may also purchase a graphic design services package and have the experts do it for you.

To Conclude

You too can bring a little more color into your content and rise up the ranks of Google searches! An infographic is an excellent tool for SEO as well as content marketing. With this distinguishable method of spicing up your content, you are actually killing multiple birds with one stone.

Your efforts in digital marketing are more likely to be rewarded if you use more infographics to support the content in your strategies. However, you need to learn to strike a balance between the relevance and value of your infographics as well.

Stay tuned with Dash Consulting and we’ll keep you updated with such digital marketing trends!

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